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Terms and Conditions

Unless the context otherwise needs, any word, term, or expression utilized in these Terms of Use shall be construed consistent with its standard that means. This shall be while not prejudice to the following:

“Cookies” shall mean a bundle of information sent from an online server to a browser and held on on the drive of the pc from that the browser is being accessed;

“Company” shall mean MAYU Technologies;

“Personal Data” shall have constant that means as is attributed to that by the information Protection Act

“Services” shall mean the supply of any services provided by the corporate.


“User” or “Users” shall mean anyone creating use of the Services provided by the corporate and/or anyone accessing the website of the corporate for no matter purpose;


“Website” shall mean the website operated by the corporate and having the subsequent URL –

Use of Services

Use of the Services provided by the corporate through its website shall be conditional on agreeing to look at the subsequent Terms of Use. Use of the Services provided by the corporate shall entail your agreement to be certain by these Terms of Use.

Use of the Services provided by the corporate shall be conditional on having access to the globe Wide net, either directly or indirectly. Payment of any fees related to the aforesaid access shall be the responsibility of the User, World Health Organization shall even be chargeable for providing all the mandatory instrumentation to attach to the globe Wide net, no matter type the aforesaid instrumentation might take.

Proper Use of Services

Users shall use the Services just for lawful functions and above all, they shall not:

make use of any obscene, threatening, menacing, offensive, denigrative materials or such materials as a square measure in violation of any law or regulation, in breach of confidence, harmful to minors, in breach of belongings right or otherwise unlawful once creating use of the Services

make use of the Services therefore on cause alternative Users or third parties to receive unsought or unauthorized

advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or the other type of solicitation

make use of the Services to wittingly or negligently transmit any electronic material which will be damaging or/and cause any form of harm or malfunction to the pc system of the corporation or of the other User or a 3rd party; and

collect or store Personal information concerning alternative Users or third parties

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Company doesn't provide any warranty on the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, responsibleness or operability, or accessibility of knowledge or material created offered to and/or by Users. Nor will the corporate provide any warrant on the proper communication, presentation, or show of the knowledge created offered to and/or by Users.


The Company excludes, in up to now because it is allowed by law to try and do, therefore, any warrant some associated with the Services and above all, it doesn't provide any warrant on fitness for a selected purpose and non-infringement of proprietary rights, together with belongings rights.


Nor will the corporate give any warranties on the integrity and correctness of the knowledge gift on its website and on the services publicized on the website or publicized and/or created offered through sites joined to that.


In explicit, with regard to any unmovable property which will be publicized on the website, the corporate disclaims any responsibility on its peaceful possession, title to that, structural integrity, general conditions and surroundings, and the other condition which will attract liability. 

The Company more disclaims any responsibility for any damages some which can be incurred by any User once creating use of the Services. the corporate disclaims responsibility for any improper use of Users’ Personal information.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall the corporate be command liable in damages of any kind some to any User.

Intellectual Property

All rights, together with copyright, within the content of the website, square measure owned or controlled for these functions by the corporate. Users might solely transfer the content for his or her own personal non-commercial use.

Users shall don't seem to be allowed to repeat, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play partly or in whole, adapt or amendment in any means the content of the web site for the other purpose some while not the written permission of the corporate

Changes in Terms of Use and repair

The Company reserves the proper to alter, alter or modify the Services from time to time, for any reason, and notice, together with the proper to terminate the services offered by the corporate. the corporate more reserves the proper to alter, alter or modify while not previous notice this Terms of Use.


The Privacy Policy of the corporate as expressed hereinafter shall not apply vis-à-vis such information and/or info as a User might speak in confidence to another User.

Modification of Service

The Company shall have the proper at any time and from time to time to change or discontinue, quickly or for good, the services provided by the corporate, in whole or part, with or by surprise. 


The Company shall not be susceptible to any User for any modifications, suspension, or conclusion of the Services.

Violation of Terms of Use

Violations of those Terms of Use or the other rights of the corporate entitle the corporate to pursue any and every one legal and just remedies against the accountable User together with, while not limitation, termination of the Services.

Failure by the corporate to enforce any right or provision in these Terms of Use shall not represent a release of such right or provision or of the other rights or provisions gift in these Terms of Use.

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