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Sothys, a renowned French luxury skincare brand, sought to expand its presence in Norway and enhance its online visibility. To achieve this goal, Sothys collaborated with MaYu Technologies to redesign its website and incorporate interactive features that would engage users and facilitate their search for Sothys stores in Norway.


Client Background:
Sothys is a prestigious skincare brand with a global presence, offering high-quality skincare products and professional treatments. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Sothys aims to provide its customers with luxurious skincare experiences that deliver visible results.

Project Objective:

The objective of the project was to redesign Sothys' website for the Norwegian market and integrate interactive maps to enhance the user experience. The key features included:
Redesigning the website to align with Sothys' brand identity and appeal to the Norwegian audience.
Implementing an interactive map feature that highlights Sothys stores in Norway and provides users with store details, including addresses and contact information.

Client Consultation: We conducted detailed consultations with Sothys to understand their brand values, target audience, and specific requirements for the website redesign.

Design Phase: Our design team created mockups and prototypes of the redesigned website, incorporating elements of Scandinavian design to resonate with the Norwegian audience.
Development: Our development team utilised cutting-edge technologies to build a responsive and user-friendly website, ensuring seamless navigation and functionality across devices.
Integration of Interactive Maps: We added interactive maps into the website to display Sothys store locations in Norway. Each store listing on the website was linked to its corresponding location on the map.
Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the website's compatibility, performance, and functionality. User feedback was also solicited to fine-tune the user experience.

Redesigned Website: The redesigned website successfully reflected Sothys' brand identity and resonated with the Norwegian audience, attracting increased traffic and engagement.
Interactive Maps: The integration of interactive maps allowed users to easily locate Sothys stores in Norway and access store details with a single click. The map feature enhanced user experience and facilitated customer engagement.
Increased Online Presence: The enhanced website and interactive maps contributed to Sothys' increased online visibility in Norway, attracting new customers and driving foot traffic to Sothys stores.

By collaborating with our web development team to redesign its website and integrate interactive maps, Sothys successfully enhanced its online presence in Norway and improved user engagement. The redesigned website, combined with the interactive maps feature, provided users with a seamless and informative experience, ultimately contributing to Sothys' growth and success in the Norwegian market.


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