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JD Property Sales, a real estate firm based in Australia, manages its property listings through Agentbox, a real estate management platform. As JD Property Sales transitioned to a new website built on the Wix platform, they required an efficient method to automatically update their property listings from Agentbox. Given that Wix does not support XML files, the integration involved converting XML data to JSON, which Wix can process. This case study details the process, challenges, and solutions implemented to achieve seamless integration.

JD Property

Client Background:
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Project Objective:
  1. Automate Property Listings Updates: Ensure that property listings on the new Wix website are always up-to-date with the latest data from Agentbox.


    XML to JSON Conversion: Convert property listings data from XML format (as provided by Agentbox) to JSON format (supported by Wix).

  3. Seamless Integration: Implement a system that integrates the data transfer and format conversion seamlessly, with minimal manual intervention.

Understanding Requirements: Initial meetings were held with JD Property Sales to understand their requirements, including:

  • Frequency of updates.

  • Specific data points to be included in the property listings.

  • Preferred presentation of the listings on the Wix website.

Setting Up FTP Access: Agentbox provided property listings data in XML format via an FTP server. Access credentials and endpoint details were obtained to retrieve the XML files.

XML Data Retrieval: A script was developed to periodically access the FTP server, download the latest XML files, and store them locally or in a cloud storage service.

XML to JSON Conversion:

  • Parsing XML Files: The downloaded XML files were parsed using a npm package.

  • Data Transformation: The parsed XML data was then transformed into JSON format. During this process, any necessary data cleaning and restructuring were performed to match the schema required by the Wix website.

  • JSON File Creation: The transformed data was then saved as JSON files, ready to be consumed by the Wix platform.

Integrating with Wix:

  • Custom Data Collection: A custom data collection was created in Wix to store the property listings.

  • Data Import Script: A script was developed to import the JSON data into Wix. This involved using Wix's API to create, update, and delete listings based on the latest data.


  • Scheduled Tasks: Cron jobs (or a similar scheduling service) were set up to automate the process of downloading XML files, converting them to JSON, and updating the Wix website at regular intervals. 

Challenges and Solutions

  1. XML Complexity: The XML data provided by Agentbox had a complex structure. To address this, a detailed analysis was performed to map XML elements to their corresponding JSON fields accurately.

  2. Data Consistency: Ensuring data consistency between updates was critical. This was managed by implementing checks to compare new data with existing entries, only making updates when changes were detected.

  3. Wix API Limitations: The Wix platform has limitations on the number of API requests per minute. To avoid hitting these limits, the update script was designed to batch updates and implement rate limiting.


  • Real-Time Updates: Property listings on JD Property Sales' Wix website are now updated in real-time, reflecting the latest data from Agentbox.

  • Improved Efficiency: The automated system reduced the need for manual updates, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The website visitors now have access to the most current property listings, improving their browsing experience.

The integration of Agentbox property listings with JD Property Sales' Wix website was successfully achieved through a combination of automated data retrieval, XML to JSON conversion, and seamless integration with the Wix platform. This project not only met the immediate needs of JD Property Sales but also established a robust framework for future enhancements and scalability.

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