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Affordable Website Design and Development Services

Website is a basic necessity of every business or service providing company. In the present digital era you should have an online presence to run your business. But if you are not aware about what kind of website you need, what are the basic functionalities required according to your business or service then it's really the worst thing for you. You can get affordable website design services at MAYU Technologies. We will suggest to you all things that are required for your business or service providing website. Here we will explain what are the basic features you should have in your website:

Affordable Website Design and Development Services - MAYU Technologies

Website Theme: You can select a theme which has a good color combination, layout and is easy to customize. There are lots of free and paid themes available on the internet and you can choose according to your budget. While selecting the theme keep in mind that it should be developer supportive. Many people make this mistake. You can select theme from website like ThemeForest, TemplateMonster etc.

SSL Certificate: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This makes your website secure and trustable. This will help your website to move from http to https. SSL is one of the most important parts of a website. In the present time it is counted as the basic trust factor. This feature creates secure transmission of your payment card details. Even for search engine optimization you should have a Secure Sockets Layer in your website.

Responsiveness: Responsive website means that your website should be adaptable for all the devices. It can be run or open smoothly on all the devices. You can choose a responsive theme while designing a website. Websites have features of responsive design ranked well on search engines. So this feature also helps you to increase brand visibility on search engines.

UI & UX: UI and UX play a great role in user experience. UX stands for user experience and UI stands for user interface And both are interdependent to each other. Both UI and UX make a web design user friendly. So a good UI and UX presence is also important to have website design services. It will surely help you to improve your customer experience.

Website Speed: Your website speed should be less than five seconds. Websites having slow loading speed are not user friendly. Users don't like to wait for information. A bad user experience will ruin your business. So keep in mind that your website has a quick loading speed. There are many reasons as to why the website has slow loading speed like low quality hosting, un-optimized images, website code is not good, render blocking CSS and JavaScript etc.

These are the basic features that your website should have before making an online presence. To get affordable website design services in India you can approach MAYU Technologies. We deliver best quality web design and development services around the world. Depending upon your budget and requirements we will suggest you the best website design package. We will also help you to suggest you select the best hosting and domain provider at best prices. So to get the best and affordable website design and development service in India contact us at +91 7087084344.

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